• RIMS Roundup: the changing risk landscape

    Cyber and environmental threats topped the risk agenda in the interactive session led by Marsh at RIMS 2018, mirroring trends from this year’s Global Risk Report

  • Emerging AI risks: What you need to know

    Is artificial intelligence a game-changing business tool or a potential threat? Both is the answer, and risk managers play a critical in maximizing the former and managing the latter

  • Hot-button issues in cyber security

    Third-party risk, tightening regulatory requirements, and effective breach response plans are among the top concerns for boards in cyber risk management

  • Captives: Underdogs in cyber security

    Cyber risk is the same whether you’re insured captively or through the traditional market, but captives aren’t yet able to address the threat well

  • Cyberspace litigation on the rise

    Judgement day might be right around the corner, and most companies still don’t have a data-breach response plan – are you ready?

  • Cyber threats to put on your radar ASAP

    Social-engineering schemes, payroll-diversion phishing attacks, and fraudulent instruction are among the new weapons cyber criminals have added to their arsenal

  • Managing major losses digitally

    From the IoT and text mining to predictive analytics and chatbots, growing digitalisation of all aspects of our lives is set to radically change the world of claims